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2018 Is Going To Be Amazing

2017 Was A Great Year

I look back with thankfulness on 2017. A year where my online business grew like crazy! I even can do this work fulltime now! I am really thankful for that! Besides my Youtube channel I created some courses for Udemy, started creating Dutch courses and together with my wife we had quite some weddings were we did photography or videography. It was a great year! It was the best year so far!

What will happen in 2018

I always love to have a new start. Every 1th of the month I say to my wife: ‘Guess what honey: Today is a new start!’ I say it every month, on my birthday, every 1th of January. And it is almost so far. 2018 is not far away anymore!

I am so excited about it! I want to focus more on the things I love to do! And that is educating people through the internet! Technically I am even teaching people things while I am asleep. I love that idea!

I mainly want to focus on my Youtube channel Ferdy Korpershoek and besides that have some Dutch courses about Photography, being an online entrepreneur, creating your first course.

With my Youtube channel I want to upload more tutorials, give more value and have fun while I am doing it! Right now I love this!

Personal life

In my personal life I would love to be able to buy a house. Not pay it 100% but get a mortgage. Because my wife and I have a company that is not that old it is hard to get a mortgage. So I want to save a lot of money and start looking around for houses in Maassluis, where we live.

I also want to enjoy life more! 2017 was about working and paying bills. Then we saved a bit, and then the next bill came. That is why we did not go on vacation last summer. To be honest our life is quite a vacation, but it can be lovely to leave the country for a week and just enjoy life in a different way. No laptop, no phone.

In february we will go to the Canary Islands! I am looking forward to that! It wil be an amazing time to spend a lot of time together, leave our work in the Netherlands and just enjoy everything!

Wrap Up

So to wrap it up: I want to create more tutorials on this channel, create a few dutch courses, do a few weddings in 2018 and buy a house! But above all I want to have a great time with my wife, family and friends!

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