MASS IN C MAJOR, Op. 86 (Vocal Score)


Youtube, Monteverdi Choir, performing from a different editionBeethoven’sĀ Mass in C, more serene and reserved than the later Missa Solemnis, nevertheless contains signature elements of Beethovenā€™s more overt and unrestrained expressive style: sudden (even shocking) dynamic changes, intensely emotional harmonic excursions, and a detailed and idiosyncratic approach to articulation and phrasing. The result is a masterpiece of balanced emotional content and musical integrity. At the same time, its more conservative nature makes it accessible to a wider range of performers and performance situations than his later choral master-works, the Missa SolemnisĀ and the Ninth Symphony.

This new performance edition by Steven Paxton clarifies numerous dynamic, expression, articulation, and phrase markings, and ‘fine-tunes’ many phrase endings in the choral parts in order to facilitate the rehearsal process. And it is offered at a price that will hopefully make possible more frequent performances of this Beethoven masterpiece.

DURATION: 45:00 ā€” 50:00

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